Tips to Compete with Big Brands Online

//Tips to Compete with Big Brands Online
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Tips to Compete with Big Brands Online

The drive towards online shopping can work in the favour of small businesses. For customers, it’s all about quality and convenience. While promoting your products and services online focus on what makes your product or service unique, or what benefits a customer can experience.

These are a few tips which would help you compete with the ‘Big Brands’ online:

1. Specialise

Highlight your unique products and services, which the customers won’t find elsewhere. Often customers choose local providers due to word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews.

2. Know your customers and get contact information

Learn your customers’ names and shopping preferences and put that information to use. Try to capture their contact information to send future offers and discounts.

3. Set Competitive pricing

Compare your prices with other brands. Make sure the prices you set give you a competitive edge over others.

4. Easy Payment Options

Keep an invoicing process that incorporates one-click online payment to enable easy payment.

5.Use Tech Tools

Drag-and-drop tools that sync multiple databases to easily visualize data in different ways enable small business owners and managers to easily analyse business data without needing an IT staff to do it.

6. Focus on content marketing

Create your own content, a blog, for example, that speaks with knowledge and authority to your audience. Reach out to people who fit your target market.

Knocking the big brands off the top spots of google search is not an easy task. However, it is possible to make a place for yourself on the online platform, if you think a little out of the box while doing Search Engine Optimisation.

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