Is Social Media Marketing Worth All the Hype?

//Is Social Media Marketing Worth All the Hype?

Is Social Media Marketing Worth All the Hype?

Yes, of course! Social media is everywhere and has become an integral part of digital marketing, all set to redefine the way brands interact with their customers. In fact, chances are that your customers (current and potential) are all actively logged into their favourite platforms right now, hooked to engaging content and services. If you’re still sceptical, here are 4 strong reasons you should invest in social media marketing:


  • All your customers are on social media


Over 3.48 billion people worldwide are on social media and the number is growing by an average of more than one million new users every day. Do we need say more? Being active on social media opens up myriad opportunities for you to engage with your customers on a more personal level. It also helps you target the right audience for your products and services, making your marketing effort more streamlined.


  • Boost your other digital marketing channels


As the digital ecosystem evolves with every passing minute, lines between the various digital channels, such as SEO and PPC, are constantly being blurred. For example, SEO is heavily dependent on content marketing and what better channel to market content than social media where all your customers are actively hooked? Facebook and Twitter are perfect for maximising your content’s reach and, in turn, generate more leads.


  • Enhance your brand’s reputation


Having an active social media profile helps your brand rank higher on search engine results. This aids you in controlling how prospective customers will view your brand. Moreover, it can also positively impact your hiring process, because every potential employee is bound to research your organization before taking the plunge.


  • Engage your audience


With the emergence of digital channels as one of the primary modes of marketing, user engagement has grown in prominence. Engagement is the first and foremost step before making a sale. Reaching out to customers via emails or phones has lost its charm given the highly one-way mode of communication it generally entails. Engaging on social media, on the other hand, gives your customers a say, which makes them feel valued and more invested in your brand.

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