Importance of Online Reviews

//Importance of Online Reviews

Importance of Online Reviews

If you are looking to create a positive digital footprint, focusing on online reviews is the first step. According to Bright Local, around 82% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Review impacts how your brand is perceived online and attracts new customers. It is the bridge between you and your potential customer.

Here are some reasons why online reviews will make all the difference for your business:

    • 1. Social proof: It is no surprise that online reviews are the biggest source of social proof on the internet, and they have a significant impact on the brand image. It is a good practice to encourage customers to write reviews online by offering them discount coupons or opting for different methods of gamification, such as reward points.
    • 2. Improve rankings: When a customer wants to purchase a product, they first search it online. If you have an online presence and favourable reviews that are constantly updated, the algorithms favor and give better exposure in return. According to research by Search Engine Land, businesses appearing higher on a Google search engine results page had more reviews. To put it simply, adding reviews to your content machine is the way forward.
    • 3. Builds trust: There are tons of brands online. With customer reviews, it becomes easier to establish credibility and authenticity. Potential customers will trust the business if it has a 4 star or higher rating online. As mentioned above, having a positive footprint online helps drive traffic and leads to higher sales.
    • 4. Improve customer service: Knowing what your customers want is the key ingredient to success. Having organic feedback can help improve services, thereby attracting more customers along with retaining the existing ones. On the other hand, negative reviews will help resolve prevalent problems and make the customer feel valued and heard. You can take strategic business decisions based on the kind of reviews you get online.

Bonus: How to deal with negative reviews?

As per ReviewTrackers, 94% of online shoppers reported that a negative review influenced their decision to visit a business. This means that you need to take negative reviews seriously as they can harm your brand image. Here are some tips to keep in mind while engaging with unfavorable reviews online:

1. It is necessary to respond instantly and not wait too long.
2. Understand that it is okay to admit your mistakes and take corrective steps.
3. Give your response a personal touch. In short, do not write like an organization.
4. Lastly, understand how reviews and ratings work.
5. Ensure better services and communication in the future.

It’s 2021. You are under review at all times. With positive feedback online, your customer becomes your brand advocate and does your marketing for you. We recommend that you treat your customers well, provide them with your best products/services and you will stay relevant for a long time!

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