How to Grow Your Online Business Using Facebook

//How to Grow Your Online Business Using Facebook
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How to Grow Your Online Business Using Facebook

To build long-term internet success with Facebook, by following these principles, you can steadily grow your online business.

1. Remember that people join together because of a common interest. If you share that same common interest, then join the group. Never joinfor the money. Do it because the subject genuinely interests you. Do it because you’ve got something to share with that group.

2. Take some time to read what people are discussing. Then, add your comments when you’ve got something that can help.

3. Make a Facebook Page about your common interest. Every day, post a comment about something you learned or a new insight you had. The small things you learn can be valuable to other people if only that it confirms their own experience.

4. Post your comments knowing they can help others.

5. Make friends – that’s what social media is all about.

  • If you find other people who resonate with you, then add them as a friend. Don’t keep adding people just to bulk up your numbers – your number of friends means nothing.
  • To positively influence 10 people is better than to have 100 friends and influence no one.
  • So, add friends when they share something in common with you. Eventually, your Facebook page will centre around that common theme because that’s the bond among all your friends. Then, others will regard you highly on that topic.

6. Take some time to visit other people’s Facebook profile pages.

7. Leave a comment or two on subjects that spark your interest, not just a meaningless comment , hoping to syphon people from other profiles. That adds no value. With Facebook you should always aim to contribute something.

  • Others will appreciate your contribution, and they’ll leave comments on your pages which are sincere and valuable. That’s the law of attraction.
  • If you junk up other people’s pages, you’ll find that happening to yours. If you add something of quality, you’ll find that coming back too – like attracts like.

8. Don’t restrict yourself to internet marketing alone. Chances are, you spend time with people who share your common interest. Have them check out your Facebook page. You can even help them get started on Facebook.

  • If you belong to any offline groups, a quick mention of your internet presence can get more people involved.
  • There’s often a gap between offline and online groups. You can add value by simply connecting the two. You gain credibility online when you bring fresh people with new ideas. Your offline credibility also benefits because you’re seen as internet-savvy.

9. Don’t just dabble with Facebook!

  • If you’re going to be successful on the internet and grow your online business , you’ll need to do this regularly. Try it for 30 days, regardless of how you feel. Simply develop the habit of posting some helpful comments every day for a month, then evaluate your results.
  • Is this habit working for you?
  • How do the others in your Facebook group respond to you?
  • Do they know who you are?
  • Do they hold you and your comments in high esteem?
  • Are you welcomed because you contribute?
  • If you feel it’s working for you, then keep it- soon your habit will be aligned with the law of attraction and you won’t have to give it much thought because you do it automatically.
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