How to Accept Payments From Paytm and PhonePe for Your Business

With transactions going cashless in the age of digitization, it is very important for businesses to upgrade with customer-friendly and convenient payment methods. Payment apps such as Paytm and PhonePe are popular and easy to use. Read on to set up payment for your business.

4 simple steps to setup payment via Paytm are:

  1. Log into

  2. Choose if you want to apply for online payment method via app or web to start accepting Paytm in your retail store.

  3. Click on ‘Get your Paytm QR Code’ and sign-up for a free Paytm account by filling up your details in the form.

  4. Download and print the Paytm sticker, and stick it on your store’s checkout/billing counter  to start accepting payments.

4 simple steps to setup payment via PhonePe are:

  1. Download and install PhonePe For Business app on your phone.

  2. Register your business by providing your location, business name and business category details.

  3. Select the bank with which you hold a business account and verify by linking the app with your registered mobile number.

Download the generated QR sticker of Phonepe, print it and stick on your store’s checkout section/billing counter to start accepting payments.

Once done, it will allow your customers to make hassle-free payments. It will also reduce queues at payment counters and make it easier to track each transaction

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