How a Responsive Website Can Make All the Difference

//How a Responsive Website Can Make All the Difference

How a Responsive Website Can Make All the Difference

Your website is your first touchpoint with customers; goes without saying that a well-optimized website can go a long way in boosting engagement and educating your audience about the products and services you offer. Here’s why you must invest in a streamlined and responsive website:

  • Increased mobile traffic

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the most-preferred access points to the internet, accounting to over 52% generated website traffic in 2018 worldwide. An optimized website that renders glitch-free on smaller screens is crucial to ensuring that your customers have a pleasant experience. Moreover, a responsive web design offers more versatility at lower development costs.

  • Mitigated maintenance costs

A responsive web design enables seamless loading of your website irrespective of the device being used, be it laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. It is clearly more cost-effective than maintaining separate websites for mobile and desktop devices, not only in terms of development but also maintenance.

  • Lower bounce rates

Attention spans on the internet are notably short, so if your website takes longer to load, you may have lost a good number of potential customers. A responsive web design increases the loading speed of the website and, in turn, ensures lower bounce rates.

  • Higher conversion rates

Lowering the bounce rates on your website is only half the battle. Creating a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices is the key to converting leads. Redirecting users to device-specific websites when they are in the middle of deciding whether or not to subscribe to a service beats the purpose and costs you a customer.

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