Corona-Go! Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Times of Crisis.

//Corona-Go! Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Times of Crisis.

Corona-Go! Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Times of Crisis.

‘Coronavirus’ needs no introduction. Since its outbreak, COVID-19 has caused major panic and distress everywhere; especially in business. Inventories have stopped midway, there has been a decrease in sales and customers are afraid to leave the house. The uncertainty and lack of control over the situation is a major triggering factor for anxiety. In these trying times, you must keep a clear head and remain composed, so you can take better care of yourself and your business.

    • Here are some ways to manage the stress and fear caused by the novel virus:

    • 1. Take a time-out from all the news intake. Hearing about the pandemic at all times is
      upsetting. Therefore, ensure you take a break from the headlines and social media.
    • 2. Get some exercise. This is an important way to take care of your body. Meditate, do
      yoga, stretch, eat good food and get plenty of sleep. Follow a healthy routine.
    • 3. Maintain distance, but do not disconnect. Remain in contact with your loved ones. Check-
      in on them regularly.
    • 4. Try to get some perspective. Remember that doctors and scientists all over the
      world are working hard to gain more information and to develop a cure for the virus
    • 5. Get creative! If your business depends highly on having customers around, find
      innovative ways of reaching out to them in a responsible way.
    • 6. Communicate with your clients and customers. Help them understand the steps you have
      taken for a safer, cleaner work environment. Provide them with ways to stay connected. Increase
      your social media presence.
    • 7. Start planning for the long term. Once all of this settles down (which it eventually
      will), a proper process would be required for your business to bounce back to normalcy.
  • 8. Remind yourself and others to take care of your physical and mental health. Seek
    help if it is difficult for you to manage your worry.

Lastly, to help stop coronavirus, DO THE FIVE.

HANDS: Wash them often.
ELBOW: Cough into it.
FACE: Don’t touch it.
SPACE: Keep safe distance.
FEEL sick? Stay home.

Even though these are confusing times, remember that we are all in this together. Stay safe, exercise caution, be proactive, follow the guidelines given by the World Health Organization and try to keep calm.

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