6 Easy Tips to Increase Your In-store Business!

An increased number of walk-ins translates into more opportunities for sales and customer engagement. This, in turn, leads to higher revenues, especially during seasonal promotions. Below are a few tips to increase the footfall in your store and retain it:

  1. Design an attractive storeMake sure your shop sign is freshly painted, well lit, clearly visible, and easy to read from a distance. Use mannequins, posters, displays, and screens that are visually attractive. You may hire experts to improve the physical presence and create an easy-to-navigate path for the customers to move in the store.
  2. Promote your store in the best possible way at the entrance Display products and offers prominently at the store front. Make offers that are compelling and eye-catching, yet very unique to the store’s brand image.
  3. Host flash sales and offersYou can expect increased walk-ins to your store with a well-timed sale. Customers love a bargain and come to buy when there is an offer for a popular product or an item that is usually priced high. 
  4. Host events in your storeBy tapping into holidays and seasons, host events for the customers to associate your store as a fun place to visit and engage to buy your products.
  5. Keep fast-moving products at eye levelKeep products you want people to notice or try at the eye-level line of the display. Customers notice these products first. 
  6. Point-of-sale impulse buyingKeep products which are less than INR 100 near the check-out counter. Customers waiting for check-out are more likely to pick up products such as chocolates, mouth fresheners, and other nick-nacks.
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