5 Innovative Startups that are Redefining Rural India

//5 Innovative Startups that are Redefining Rural India

5 Innovative Startups that are Redefining Rural India

The Indian economy is on the cusp of a startup revolution, what with thousands of promising startups emerging every year. A recent report suggests that Indian startups received $4.4B in funding in 2019 alone! In our quest for finding startups that are doing something different, we stumbled upon these 5 amazing startups that are on a mission to transform rural India for good. Take a look.

  • Husk PowerSystems (HPS)

Based out of Bihar, HPS uses husk from farms to deploy mini power stations and distribute electricity via microgrids. In just four years, HPS has put in 84 mini power plants, which provide electricity to over two hundred thousand households across three hundred villages, while also creating employment opportunities for 350 people from the state of Bihar. A single plant is of service to around 400 families, which helps save roughly 42,000 litres of fuel and 18,000 litres of diesel each year, considerably reducing indoor pollution and improving health conditions in rural areas.

  • Chikitsak

In 2014, Milind Naik started Chikitsak, a healthtech startup. It focuses on bringing healthcare facilities to the rural population who don’t have the privilege of affordable primary healthcare. Chikitsak blends a mobile and lucid medical screening kit with tech that can be operated through low-skilled healthcare workers. Chikitsak mainly focuses on non-communicable diseases and provides cost-effective screenings in the comfort of a patient’s home and at affordable prices. They also provide 3-day training courses to people in rural areas, on the completion of which, they provide them job opportunities.

  • Jeev Anksh

JeevAnksh is a startup that practices organic agriculture and fair trade. They are committed towards helping mother nature by promoting organic farming and consequently reducing our collective carbon footprint. As suppliers of locally procured agri-commodities by organic farmer societies of Northeast India, they also advocate fair trade and empower the farmers with handsome compensations, which ultimately motivates them to increase their produce and boosts the agriculture ecosystem.

  • Gaatha

Gaatha is an Ahmedabad-based startup with a very noble cause of bridging the gap between artisans from rural parts of the nation to a global audience appreciative of their work, and helping them earn their livelihood. One of their objectives is to put forth and help a faceless/ unsung artisan to present his/her exemplary work. They currently operate through an online website and sell artifacts and other products, ranging from home decor to sarees and jewellery.

  • RozgarDhaba

This is a startup birthed in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, which helps provide jobs to local people and reduce migration to larger cities. RozgarDhaba started in January 2018 and caters to over a thousand people a month, hosting over 20 job fairs and farm-produce sale displays. It has over 70 registered entities, such as government agencies, skill centres, NGOs, the district agriculture centre, grameen centres, and small local businesses who provide regular job information. The dhaba itself provides employment to over 10 people, with average monthly salaries ranging between of Rs 8,000 and 12,000.

Rural India is brimming with untapped potential, which if utilized optimally could work wonders for the economy. Thanks to the aforementioned startups and many more such organizations, a future where rural and urban India tread hand in hand towards economic stability doesn’t seem too far away.

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